Thursday, August 30, 2012

new faces & places

We spent three days this week on the campus of a little school in a tiny village.  Children are gracious language helpers and it was fun to hang out with them when classes were on break.  We're making progress in navigating Jude and Silas with lots of little hands around.

I took plenty of art supplies, bubbles and games this time to distract from the kids and make it a bit more interactive.  Jude & Silas as the main attraction can be a bit much! It was definitely a step up from our last village trip but not without a few struggles. One day I was explaining yet again that Jude doesn't like to have his cheeks pinched. A sweet little voice piped up.  My rough translation of his words: "But Auntie, his cheeks are just so nice. We really like to pull them."

As for Silas, he was a champ.  He's too laid back at this age to take much notice of all the attention. His smiles are easy to coax and he wins hearts in an instant. He has begun to get just a bit more clingy though and I shudder to think what form stranger anxiety will take here. I'm lovin' my laid back baby for now!

When we were driving back into the city, I couldn't help giving thanks for such a beautiful few days.  The landscape, the striking faces, the fields of rice and loaded oxcarts, the beauty of it all wells up before me as a reminder that this life I am living here is a gift.

There is a deep awareness in the midst of it that these were the things purposed for us.  His purposes are good.

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