Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Jude is 2 years, 2 months.  He's a wild little guy these days.  The creativity just never stops.  Today he was singing happy birthday to the flowers in the park.  Last week, he told me that the Olympians were "running like mommy." (Don't I wish:) He's figuring out numbers.  Learning colors.  Spouting a few crazy phrases in local dialect. And making our world a lot fuller and more exciting.

I love this phase. 

One thing that is coming along with all the discovery though is an opinion.  

He knows which juice he prefers.  He wants to watch Mickey sometimes, Elmo another time. He likes dried mango but not ripe mango.  Strawberry yogurt is a hit but pasta is not.  And the more verbal he gets, the more he is learning to express that little opinion of his in a big way.  

We're working on obedience a lot right now...and he's got a fair (not perfect) handle on it for a 2 year old.  But one thing I am running up against lately is this loud and decided opinion.  It's been a challenge for me to learn to let him find his little voice, and still teach in daily ways that he's just not in charge.  

This is a new season.  I'm learning.  Thought I'd throw my thoughts out there today in case some mom a few steps ahead wants to pipe in with advice. 

As for Silas, the most complicated issue he has going on right now is cradle cap.

If only baby oil head massages would work for the demands of a two year old! 

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staceyb said...

That is the sweetest stinkin picture of Silas that I've seen! AND I totally had a dream about you last night. I can't remember details but I'm pretty sure I was in India.