Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the handy hanky

Jude is on the mend from a little cold.  The aftermath is a lingering runny nose.  When we first enrolled in preschool, I noticed that each child was requested to come with a handkerchief secured to their shirt each day. It's quite the 'thing' to do here for the little ones. Even grown men still use the good ole fashioned hanky in these parts.

But I forgot all about it and included a pack of wet wipes in his bag.  We don't own any man hankys.

As Jude was rushing out the door today though, I haphazardly grabbed a baby washcloth and pinned it case he should need it.  Apparently, it is an all purpose cloth.  When he returned from school, there was a little paint, a little snack time, and a little of his cold on the pinned cloth.

I'll be buying a pack of handkerchiefs this week. For me, it feels like I just took one more step into asian culture.  Happy hanky pinning! 

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