Tuesday, August 28, 2012

to the lurkers

Lurker (n) : a person who reads discussions on an internet forum but rarely or never participates actively.  

Since this week is dedicated to  my 1,000 blog posts, I thought I'd give a little shout out to my lurkers. I know you're out there. And I love it!  Confession time to the lurkers.

I lurk on blogs too.  And I would feel really weird if I actually had to confess it to a few of them.  Some of them are people I don't know.  It's the linking phenomenon that's done this to me.  That said, don't ever feel awkward about lurking here (unless of course you're a maniacal stalker).  It's not private for a reason.  I don't think you're weird.

Silence.  A few of you 'lurkers' have broken the silence and commented.  I doubt I ever responded. And I feel guilty about it...like I just never returned a friend's phone call. I am terrible at returning to posts for follow up. Comments come into my email and I rarely get back on to respond.  I just wanted to say out loud...I am so glad you read and I always get really excited when I discover who is actually peeking in here. Shoot me an email sometime.  I am better (though not very speedy) at replying to those.

Filling in the gaps. I do still send out a monthly newsletter with some details about our overseas journey that I don't normally feel inclined to post here on the world wide web.  If you are more curious about our life abroad and want an off-the-blog scoop, drop me a line at gmail : lrdawkins

Two days is enough blog nostalgia for all of us, right? Back to daily life tomorrow! 


Annie said...

Smart post! I think I need to give a shout out to my lurkers.

Sometimes I think,"Shoot, no one commented"... then I see that 10 or so people had been to my blog. Always makes me a little paranoid. haha.

Obviously, I'm one of your lurkers, so I felt the need to respond. And I will would love to read about your overseas journeys. I'll try to drop you an email.

Thanks for letting your lurkers lurk :)

Stacey Hays said...

I have the same thought about lurkers. I wish I knew who more of them were. Maybe I should do a similar post and bring some of them out : ) I also lurk many blogs through sidebars of yours and many other blogs. Thanks for your many updates and your honesty about real life. It is a breath of fresh air some mornings. We are about to start a study of cities in my classroom and plan on showing some of your pictures (if that is o.k???) with my class so they can compare different cities.

Leslie said...

Ok...I'll admit it, I'm a lurker. I came across your blog through a friend of mine who thought I may be interested since we both graduated from MC. She was right...it has quickly become one of my favorites! So, thanks for the shout-out :)

Ann said...

I lurk! I may have commented once or twice, but I read every post. I love your thoughtful writing and your adorable babies!

Lee said...

Laura! Please put me back on the newsletter list!! I used to be on it and then when I stopped getting updates, I just assumed you stopped sending them. But now I see I somehow got off the list. Boohoo.

Molly said...

Laura, I confess, I've been lurking on the blog for quite some time. I love reading--it's my morning routine when I wake up and feed Emma in the mornings, I read about you and your men and often repeat your stories to my family throughout the weeks. Your blog blesses me so richly as a new mommy. I treasure your wisdom and am so grateful for the lessons you're learning that I can glean from--thanks for sharing them! I'd love to be on your email list as well! We think of yall very often and lift you all up constantly!
Love from Louisville,
Molly (Sills) Patterson

Elisa said...

So,I lurk...and I steal... I stole the idea of your reaction thing at the bottom. That is such a cool thing, plus I might actually feel like more people are reading my blog.

Thank you for being so faithful to blog about your life. I really feel like I am right there with you and seeing the amazing things the Father is doing. You are fantastic!

jordan said...

Laura, I also am a lurker and you barely know me:) I go to IBC in Louiville and have heard about you from many of our mutual friends. Your blog has been so encouraging to me, which I why I keep reading. Thank you for your refreshing honesty with the ups and downs of life. My husband and I pray for you guys often:)
Jordan Aspinwall