Thursday, September 27, 2012

driving & down time

After pressing through our schedule pretty hard for the past few days, we decided to make today a laid back no-plan kind of day.

Just plenty of time to read with Grammar and show Pop where we take our shoes off to feel the grass between our toes.

Among the masses of American goodies they brought was my international driver's license.  David took me out on the road for my first lesson this afternoon while the boys napped.  Let's just say, it was the closest experience to a panic attack that I've ever had.  Nonetheless, I drove the whole route uneventfully and without pulling over to let hubs drive.  My head is still spinning. This is my nervous face.....

Tonight David and I are going on our first real night out in about 8 months!!!  (I won't be driving:) Yay for grandparents!

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Grateful1 said...

Dearest Dawkins,
What a blessing for you all to hug your family, have a date night and and just thank the Lord for all of your blessings. Know Silas and Jude are getting to know what loving arms they are in.
Will continue to pray for safe, healthy trip for all.
Carole & Rocky