Monday, September 10, 2012

Flying Solo

Hubs flew out this morning for a few days of meetings.  If this morning was any indication of what the rest of the week will be like, I'd better brace myself! 

Thankfully, yesterday we received a new ride for the little men. A very gracious friend lugged it a mere 7500 miles+ for us.  Streets here aren't too stroller-friendly and a double wide is almost an impossible thought, let alone reality.  David's parent's helped us pick this beauty up off craigslist.  Two wild kids are feeling oh-so-much-more manageable.  

Just in the nick of time! 

So that's our wild little world this week. We're trying to hold it together 'til hubs returns!

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Katharine said...

Phil and Teds - a city mom's workhorse! Yay!