Tuesday, September 4, 2012

gloom be gone

It's been a bit of a gloomy week around here.  The rain just keeps coming.  The wind keeps whistling.  And if I had things my way, we'd be sipping spiced tea and watching movies all day long.  
Perhaps it's the aftermath of a month of travel, maybe it's the weather, we're all recovering from various bouts with this and that...whatever it is, I've been struggling to overcome it

Last night, I read a bit on the Femina blog.  As usual, there was a wealth of encouragement. This particular note caught my eye.  Needy was just the word for me.  And the remedy was just gospel enough to be true.

Hope it spurs you on too!

The truth is that we cannot necessarily control whether we have friends who give to us. We cannot build a perfect support system for ourselves. What we can do is get outside of ourselves and seek to give to others with a cheerful heart. We can let go of our self absorption and start giving, every time we have an opportunity (which is many thousands of times in a day) with a thankful heart.  So if you are feeling low, think of what you can give. You can always give a smile, give a cheerful laugh, give a meal with no strings of desperation tied onto it. You can confess an attitude that may be in the way. You can turn your thoughts out. You can look to the interests of others who God has placed so conveniently close for giving.
My Dad has always said, for years and years, don’t spend your time looking in your own heart. The human heart is full of nothing good. Do not go dumpster diving in the needy emotions that you are sure to find inside somewhere. When you feel needy, look to Christ. Because if you belong to him, you have no needs that have not been filled. When you are looking to Christ, you have so much to give. When you have what he has given you, and you still are consumed with what you need, you need to get yourself re-oriented. You have the Holy Spirit, you have the love of God, you have forgiveness of sins. Drink from that river when you are thirsty. Because that water flows so fast it can not be contained. When you turn to that source, your life will be a life of overflow. Overflow of joy, of gratitude, of forgiveness, or fullness of life. You can never out-need the greatest Giver. And all the needs below you? All the little cups being held up for water? Give with the same abandon that God gave to you. Give selflessly. Give without reservation. Give in kindness, in laughter, in forgiveness, and in joy. Give what you have been given.


amanda and bear said...

That is really encouraging. I've felt this way a lot. Love you, buddy!

Katharine said...

what is the post date for the quote? Need to link that!

Anonymous said...

this is just what I needed to read - thank you!