Monday, September 3, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Nothing special to post today...just a good modge podge from our little life. 

1. After weeks of tragic farewells, Jude turned a corner.  He is now a happy bus rider each morning (...with the help of a few M&Ms as recommended by our dear friend Peggy).  Whew.  Glad that transition is over! 

2. I bought a pair of pink crocs a few weeks ago to serve me through the rainy season.  Comfy, water worthy, and cute. 

3. If you've never watched a few of the Sesame Street: Singing With the Stars on you tube, you should.  It's a favorite family activity these days. They're hilarious. One of my favorites: India Aire's ABCs

4. Hubs has a fantastic new language helper, in addition to his tutor.  He's a local florist.  It's working in my favor:) 

5. Silas is a wild man.  He's everywhere.  Today he was chasing Jude across the porch to get the water hose.  The walker may become a regret....for Jude at least.  

Happy Monday to you!

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