Thursday, September 13, 2012

Silas Stats: 6 Months

Today Silas hits the big 0.5! I'll spare you the monologue about how the quickly time has gone. A few noteworthy developments in the little man's life, for the sake of posterity.  

Growing Pains: This little guy has five pearly whites peeking through.  He seems to have a knack for timing too.  Almost all of them have come on opportune weeks. E.g. the week we were in the village, the week mom's home alone, etc. 

Weighing In: There was a little set back when he had that nasty cough last week.  My neighbors kept telling me that Silas was "reducing" as they say in these parts.  He's catching back up though and is weighing in somewhere around 17.5 lbs. 

Epicurean Delights: Without much fanfare, he tasted his first rice cereal this week.  (video forthcoming) Let's just say, he seems to enjoy throwing his food more than eating it.  In an attempt to beef him up a bit, I tried giving him some formula at one point.  He would have none of it.  It doesn't appear that he's withering.  

Tricks: He is a mad man in his baby walker.  He can go zero to sixty in a skinny minute. Usually, it involves Jude.  I admit that he's a bit of a bully with that thing...driving Jude to high points in the house and carpeted areas to avoid getting rammed.  Otherwise, he's a roller.  Not much scooting to speak of.  The hard floors combined with the walker are likely impacting that. Who needs to crawl when your parents buy you wheels, right? 

Favorite Moments: This kid is a sweet baby all day long.  Not a lot of fussing, unless he is in some sort of situation. But when he first wakes in the morning, even if it is so early that I really don't want to be drawn in, he is steal-your-heart sweet.  Baby kisses, cooing, bright blue eyes an inch from your get the picture.  Sweet. 

What's to Come: I am still predicting a fun, outgoing little personality in this guy.  I'm also starting to predict a lot of wild energy. He's a boy.  It is boundless.  The more mobile and awake he is, the more I am realizing that I can pretty much dedicate the next 2-3 years of my life to chasing him.  

I sat down during nap time this morning to give thanks for him on this, his half birthday. Tears welled up.  These are busy days. Mothering is the hardest job I've ever had.  The work seems constant.  But when I stop to consider, I feel overwhelmed by the joy and grace of it. This is a privilege I do not deserve.

I know that many years from now, when these arrows have flown far from this home, I will ache over the fullness of these days. So here, in the midst of them, I lift my head a bit from doing the next thing, and give thanks.

Happy Six Months, Silas! 


Katharine said...

Congratulations Mamma!

Dawn Vaughn said...

Laura & David,
I continue to enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your lives. You are great parents and certainly seem to be learning so many valuable lessons on this journey. I continue to keep you in my prayers.