Thursday, September 6, 2012

street circuses & such

Hubs had quite a cultural day yesterday.  It started with a wild toddler around 5am and was uphill from there.

Example 1: David is training for the Old City 1/2 Marathon in a few weeks.  A few days ago, he took a fall on a bit of uneven pavement  dirt.  Seeing his wounds, an acquaintance insistently took him to the back gate of our complex and picked a few leaves.  He rubbed them all over David's leg, re-opening the old sores, all the while assuring him it would heal him up in a jiffy.

Where there is no neosporin...

Example 2: After the leaf incident, he went into the little corner of town just beyond our gate.  He wasn't exactly sure what all the commotion was so he asked a local. Apparently, it was a street circus.  Note that the woman is balancing on a stool...atop three beer bottles.  Look closely for the band in the background of the picture at the top.  It was quite a performance.  

I feel boldly confident that our family would be a raging success if we put an act together.  

Example 3: Asian men hold hands.  They pile 3-4 men on motorcycles together.  They lay in each other's laps in public. They call each other frequently to chat.  There are all perfectly normal expressions of friendship between married men. i.e. Man friendships here are a bit different than your average man friendship in the west. 

Yesterday as he was crossing the street with a friend, David got the hand-hold. He said it was almost a finger-lace, but that was too much for his american-ness.  Now, hubs is not often flustered by all the asian-ness around us, but the hand hold has kind of shaken him up a bit.  This is a friend he sees almost every day... and as much as he knows it's completely appropriate in asian culture, it still just weirds him out.  

All he got from his sympathetic wife was a hearty laugh, and a warning that he better just get used to it:) 

How long does cultural adaptation take again?  


Laurin said...

Oh, Laura, Laura, Laura. Poor David. The mental picture I have of the hand-holding episode is just hilarious. Poor David.

Amy said...

Hey laura,

I just love your blog. I have it in my reader and it makes my day when I see you've posted. Know we are sending lots of love and thoughts from sunny Florida!

Amy Gabriel

Inception said...

Great job painting the picture! I laughed hard at this as I pictured you erupting in laughter. Poor David. I shuddered a bit with the thought of it. Cultural differences, indeed.

amanda and bear said...

This is so funny! So are the women affectionate to one another or do they fist bump, high five and slap each other's behinds like American men? Ha! Just wondering. :)

Bonnie Myers said...

Bahhaaahaaaaa! Hilarious Laura :)

Allyson said...

Oh goodness. This is really funny! I love what Amanda wrote. So, how do the women act?

I sent it to Matt to get his reaction. I'm guessing that he'll cringe and utter the words, "Poor David!" (after he has a good laugh, of course!)

Silas is precious, and Jude is as cute as ever!