Monday, September 17, 2012

the sunday review

We used to have crazy Sundays in Memphis.  I remember writing about them. Here, we're at a whole new level though.  Normally, I shy away from taking the camera. However, yesterday things dissolved into such a state that I felt convinced that me and my cellphone photos couldn't possibly be detracting much from the craziness around us.  So I thought I'd give you a few high points from our Sunday routine. 

1. Parking.  Well, it can be an issue.  David used to drive across these nice sewage drains to get inside a gravel lot (about a 5 minute walk from our fellowship)....until he saw a similar ditch eat a car wheel when the concrete collapsed.  We're street side parking these days. 

2. Rest assured.  I am not wearing high heels these days.  

2. The next time you feel your lobby is getting a bit crowded, remember: there's always room for more. In our case, general chaos is added to by the no-shoe requirement in the building. We leave them in the lobby.  I know I've been here a while, because even if I could, it would feel just  too weird for me to walk in with shoes.  Want some excitement? Try moving through this crowd and shodding 2 parents and a toddler with a babe in arms.   

3.  Go to church next Sunday and hug your nursery workers, girls.  It's been a long, long while since I've seen a nursery.  The fellowship we attend does have a fantastic kid's room though.  We watch the message via video while the kids play and toddle about.  This is comparative luxury, seriously.  

I'd be lying to tell you it doesn't get a little chaotic in there though.  Generally speaking, we experience more culture stress in a 2 hour span on Sunday am than we do in a 5 day work week.  There is no end to the fun in the kids section. And we love that Jude and Silas can be right there with us, learning from us how to sing, pray, and listen to the word. 

4. I've learned more about asian sharing & parental strategy on Sunday mornings than any other time.  It is truly one of the most interesting and informative cultural aspects of the entire week. My favorite example from this week? The three year old on the floor in front of us was a wild man.  At one point he decided he would like the candy bar of another child(not his brother).  So, he hit-stole-grabbed said candy bar away from a 6-ish year old.  And he ate it.  The 6 year old tried to rescue the beloved chocolate but the 3 year old was quite feisty and gave some loud yelps. Finally, in desperation, the 6 year old appealed to the mother of the 3 year old.  She had been an ambivalent onlooker during the entire scenario. After requesting he return the half eaten bar, the three year old refused.  Feeling that the matter was thus settled,  she opened her change purse, inquired how much it might be to replace the candy bar , and then threw in 2 extra Rps for another bar for the crazy 3 year old. Obviously, he liked it, right? Let's just say, we've got a long way to go in navigating these waters ourselves! 

4. The exit of our building can be a bit tricky.  I refuse to go out the backdoor into what I now affectionately call "motorcycle alley."It is a narrow road hedged with walls where at least 50 people park their motorcycles.  After almost losing an ankle or two in exit, I've decided it's not for us. We take the broad path seen below. 

 Ok.  So those are some of the quirky, wild things about our Sundays here.  I wanted to share them because they make me laugh and I thought you might enjoy.  Please don't misunderstand me though! My list of amazing, beautiful scenes would be much longer. From the moment we walked into our fellowship, almost a year ago, we were in love with the people and the sweet worship there.  We have been blessed time after time by the gift of those here, so different and yet so similar.'s with a grateful smile and a hearty chuckle that I can wholeheartedly say:

...I (heart) Sundays! 

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