Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the trade off

David and his parents are spending the day in a nearby village today.  I am having a "quiet" day at home.  (Such a relative word with two kids, isn't it?) We've been having such a fantastic week, full of good memories and shared fun.  The boys are drinking in the grandparent time.

It's made me think about this far off life we are living.

In a lot of ways, we've made a decision to sacrifice close proximity to family for something we feel is an important part of living our life purposefully. It is a painful choice, one that we deal with on a daily basis to some extent. And it's also a choice that we know makes it difficult on those we love.  Distance is hard, especially when children are young and growing so fast.

Distance does another work as well.  It brings an awareness of how precious moments together really are. An awareness it would be very difficult for us to fully grasp if we were in closer proximity.  When we are together, we try to be extremely intentional with the time.  We know that time together is short.  And it makes a bit of a difference in how you breathe the air together in those moments.

Memories are etched more intentionally. The same distance that divides, draws us nearer.  If we lived down the street, it is doubtful that we'd spend 10 full days enjoying the company of David's parents this year. It seems unlikely that, if we lived across town, my mom would have moved  in for a month when Silas was born.  Distance stretches relationships into new places. 

On weeks like this, the distance is my friend. The trade off of life across the world is a fuller enjoyment of life when we're together.  

If I had drawn the lines of my own life, it isn't what I would have necessarily chosen.  But haven't I mentioned a time or two before....the God who gives is wiser.   


Salter327 said...

I could not agree more. I think about this quite often. Trey always reminds me it is the quality of our time with our family, not the quantity. And for all those "little things" that I miss on a daily basis, I check Facebook photos of family everyday :) Thanks for encouraging us to see the good as we know God works everything together for our good!

Lee said...

one of your most well-written, i believe. miss you.