Friday, October 5, 2012

bus disclaimer

Ok.  After I re-read my post yesterday, I realized I should probably give a few more details about Jude's overall pre-school experience.

1. He really does seem to love it.  Talks about "teacher" and his friends frequently.  Tells me that he has "great fun" at school.  Asks to go when it's Saturday, etc.  We really think he likes it!

2. The bus ride is for one mile.  That's right.  It's not very far.  In a pinch, I could walk it...but it's a bad road, full of potholes, cows, cars and every other imaginable obstruction.  They have assured me that as soon as he hits his classroom...he's fine. Thus, the crying is a max of 10 minutes.

3.  There are a few transport alternatives, but none that really seem feasible in the long run.  I could give you the list of excuses...hard to get a rickshaw at that time of day, David is frequently out of town and can't drive him, etc, etc.  We really do think he'll be ok.

4. He rides the bus home too. It's a tearless, happy ride on most days. Thus, it doesn't seem the bus itself.  Just perhaps getting onto a bus in the early hours, on the side of a crazy asian dirt road, crammed in with other kids.  Not ideal.  But let's face it folks, our life here isn't exactly ideal:)

5. Overall, preschool has been a great thing for him.  Friends. Play time.  Keep in mind, we're not in a position to jaunt over to the zoo or to a museum like we would be at home.  There's no Target to run over to when we need to get out. It's been a good decision for us.

We're just hoping it'll slow down on the drive-time-cry-time soon!

Those are all my disclaimers. I guess I am really writing this post so you won't secretly think I'm a bad mom.  I'll pretend it's so you know more about our world though:) 


BOBD said...

Friday evening, Linda and I have just arrived back home after visiting David, Laura and Jude and Silas for 10 days. Had a wonderful visit and time together. Good return trip with no problems. I was a witness to Jude getting into the van/ bus. It wasn't as dramatic as it looks here. He loves Euro School.
bob and linda

Scott and Monica said...

Hey! I enjoy reading your blog. We just moved to Haiti as missionaries (serving alongside the Salters) and this has been something I've struggled with having two small children at home. Right now, there are no good options for our oldest to go to school, so we are homeschooling her and our youngest little fella is 3. It's hard when you can't get out and run to Target! Ha. Some days you just want to get out and go! Just wanted to let you know that your blog is an encouragement to me. Praying for you today! -Monica,