Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jude's World

A few tidbits from Jude's world these days. 

1. Our neighbors think we shouldn't drink cold water or go outside in the evening without a hat on the boys.  We've been doing both.  Jude & I are battling a nasty cough.  Must be those 70 degree temps at night:) 

2. We've made significant bus progress.  Only a few whimpers this week, but otherwise successfully navigating school bus life. Oh. I am glad. Thanks for the prayers on that one! 

3. This morning I took Jude to the bus.  I always get a little flustered trying to get out the door. The boys are usually flustered too. If we can just get out our door, it's like magic calm.  This morning, Jude was sitting in the back of the stroller and I forgot to get his shoes.  So he went to school barefoot.  There just wasn't much else to do.  The truth is, they all have to take their shoes off at the door anyways, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I felt a little shamefaced about it though:) 

4. In an attempt to reduce our packing for village and hotel travel, we bought this little mosquito net tent off the roadside today.  I'm feeling hopeful.  Little boys just love tents.  Jude is currently peacefully napping in it. Good-bye pack and play! 

5. My favorite Jude-ism right now? Instead of just saying yes to things he replies "yup, yup, mhhm." It's gotta be the kids at school.  I love it. He sounds like a 50ish man when he says it.  

That's it for now! 

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