Thursday, October 11, 2012

literary babes

I'm on a children's book kick again, most likely induced by coupling Job and Yancey in my devotional readings and sludging through another language every morning.

Our little library is my main source, so selection is somewhat limited.  So far, I've re-read the entire Anne series by Montgomery, never without more delight than before, taken in Pollyanna for the first time in my adult life, and continued on in an E. Nesbit journey.

I recently put down The Railway Children, as a surprising favorite.  Nesbit's more fantastical stories aren't necessarily my cup of tea. Not because they aren't good, I just rarely gravitate towards that style.  But I loved The Railway Children. So much so, that I just checked out The Treasure Seekers in hopes of another favorite.

Any of you children's literature gurus feel free to throw a few suggestions my way!

In the meantime, you'll find me engrossed in Scuppers the Sailor Dog & The Runaway Bunny night after night.  

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Anonymous said...

Laura, I think we met once, very briefly, in the Milner's group at Mo' Heights a few years back. As an MC alum and member of MH, I'd heard lots about you and David and was sent your blog by a mutual friend. Oh, and I'm on the Dobes' team in N. Africa (I believe your husband and JD did S. America together). All that to say, I really enjoy reading your blog, and I love that you love children's lit! I completely agree. I read the Anne series a year ago, for the first time. It alone makes me consider homeschool if I were to have children, as it is rich with educational possibilities. Enjoy the kiddie-lit world!