Thursday, October 4, 2012

the school bus

Some of you may recall me writing a few months ago that Jude was having school bus troubles.  Let me give you an update on that drama.

We had a breakthrough a month or so ago when a friend suggested we give him m&ms every day when he boarded the bus.  It worked....for about a week.  

Then David went out of town, there was a festival break from class, etc, etc.  The routine was broken and the tears returned full force.

This is what he looks like every single day when we put him inside.  It's terrible. Terrible.

I just keep thinking it will get better.  Surely eventually he'll adjust.  Three months is a looooong adjustment.

I'm hoping this doesn't make it  into his childhood memoirs one day!


Katharine said...

Is he required to do this in order to go to the playschool? He is quite little!! He probably seems such a big boy to you now but I know even Susannah at 3 would feel very insecure about something like this and I think the majority of kids feel those kinds of feelings until 5. There is a really big shift at that age. I just would not see it as a deficiency on Jude's part at all.

Inception said...

Bless his sweet little heart. I'm sorry Jude's having such a hard time with this...and sorry for you as well. It must be very hard as a parent to do what you think is best for him and to see him have such a struggle with it.

Shannon said...

This photo breaks my heart - as I know it does yours. I'm so sorry that you and he have to go through this emotional trauma each morning. Our family will re-double our prayers for Jude's bus anxiety to lessen VERY soon.

Love, The Gatewoods

Linz said...

Josie has to be pryed off my arm some mornings at amandas... even though she knows her well. But amanda says as soon as i am gone she stops. They like to put on a big show for you i guess. i just act like it doesnt bother me and leave real quick!