Monday, October 22, 2012

violent affection

We made it through the weekend.


We've got a lot of affection going on in our little boy world these days.  And the more mobile Silas is, the more violent it seems to become.   Pushing, flipping, throwing.  You name it, we've got it. It's not just Jude, either.  Silas is no sissy.  He can hold his own.  It's  all under the banner of "wrestling," right?  (I'll let you guess which parent started that in our house:)

Of course, at times, discipline is in order. Kicking, hair pulling, scratching.  As of this weekend, we instituted a time out spot for when things get out of control. But for the most part, both of them are laughing hysterically...while visions of the emergency room flash in my head.

What's a mom to do?

I'm not sure I have the stamina for 18-20 more years of this kind of violent affection.  The world of little men is a mystery to me.  I don't remember shoving my sister to say 'i love you.' Any of you boy moms want to pipe up with advice?


Claire said...

Ha! Little boys and their affection. I think you might have to get used to it. :-) My David is the one who suggested the meatloaf post...he told me that the meatloaf was what made him do it. Ha! ;-)

creativeLOVE said...

Since Ginna is the oldest with two younger brothers, she is into this kind of thing just as much as they are. Honestly, it makes me feel crazy some days, how physical they are in fun. The fun sometimes turns into hurt. When I feel like that potential is there, I ask them to go outside to be rough (which I know you can't do...any yours are younger). There are times when it is ok, and there are times when I can tell it is going to get out of control between the two older ones. I definitely didn't experience this growing up with one sister!

Robin Stevens said...

My advice: put away the breakables and enjoy the giggles :)

EmilyTJ Blog said...

This is only the beginning, girl! =) At least they love each other! One thing I try to do, especially when they're little, is to point-out the verbal or non-verbal cues they're giving each other. So to the two year-old, I say, "See how he's crying when you do that? That's how he tells you that he doesn't like that." and also on the positive end, "Look how big he's smiling, he loves it when you hug him!" Basically, just teaching empathy and social skills that they aren't necessarily born with. I also always encourage them to listen to each other, especially when one person is saying "stop" or the baby is fussing because he doesn't like it. These are pretty obvious suggestions, but I think it's really helped over time for us. My kids aren't exceptionally rough with each other, but when they do get physical, I just make sure they understand that they have to both agree to the terms of what they're playing and to listen to each other. (obviously, you can't do that with Silas yet, but Jude can start paying attention to his cues.) I still feel like a referee half the time, though, so it really is just the beginning. =)