Monday, June 30, 2014

Ranweli Holiday Resort (review)

Since a few folks on this side read this little blog and may be interested, I wanted to write a quick review of our stay at Ranweli in Sri Lanka.  We booked a beach villa based on some good reviews on Agoda.  It did not disappoint.  It is near the top of my list now for places to stay.  The primary reason is the atmosphere.

David and I have evolved a bit from our backpacker days.  We rarely stay in low end when we travel right now, unless we need to.  This is not because our budget has really changed.  We're just finding that with little ones, we'd prefer to stay fewer days in more comfort than the other way around.  Our kids lick floors, wallow in showers and do weird things like that. My stress level goes down the cleaner and crisper the room.  

What we loved about Ranweli though was not just that it was clean. It was. (Minus a few gecko lizards that snuck in here and there:) We loved that high-end to them doesn't mean flashy.  It means unpretentious, natural beauty.  It was a sort of eco-resort.  They had herbs growing in pots, a garden along the path, a mangrove trail to wander, and fishing off the dock.  The resort itself is located across a little river, so you arrive by a bamboo steered ferry. The decor is earthy, the luxury is a sort of clean nature.  It's not every one's style.  But more and more, we are realizing, it's ours.  

We like atmospheres that are intentionally designed to draw your eyes toward the natural, the astounding creation that already exists.

We found it profoundly refreshing.  It drew us toward the Creator.

In the middle of a really hectic season, it was exactly what we needed.  Highly recommended.  Here are a few final vacation pictures in case you're curious.

Riding the ferry to the resort.  

Fishing in the morning with dad.  

Sand castles on the beach.
The water was pretty rough,
but that didn't stop
Silas from jumping some waves!  

The breakfast buffet was delicious.  And the dinner was fantastic.
 Definitely the best homemade salad dressings I've had in 3 years!

Be warned: the meals are pricey.  We found it worth it though.   

On our way to kayak in
the canal beyond the resort. 

Chillin' while dad does the work!  

The craziest slide I've ever seen - ok-
and probably the most dangerous:)  

The view from the swimming pool edge.  
We'll be back, Ranweli! 

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