Tuesday, June 17, 2014

To the Fathers

David spent Father's Day watching the boys while I had a fantastic weekend at a ritzy hotel, complete with a Krispy Kreme donut shop across the street.  I flew in late Sunday night and have been catching up ever since.  Consequently, I'm running a little behind on my Father's Day post. I don't want to miss the chance to honor the men in our lives though.

Let's start with the very first man in my life.  My father, the farmer.  He is one of the deepest influences in my life.  He was an anchor point for me in every season. He thought I was kind and intelligent and worthy of love.  And it made me want to be those things more because his opinion mattered.   His life spoke a lot louder than his words ever did.  He is the hardest working man I know.  I can never dismiss that part of his legacy to me is bound with the land.  In the life I have chosen, life is ever a transition.  Words cannot express what a treasure it is to me to know that there is a place that my grandfathers farmed and their fathers before them.  And my dad still works that land. It gives me roots. He has always given me a place to belong.  Love is too small a word.

No man has so significantly impacted my daily life in this season as greatly as David's father.  I have a good marriage. I have what I would call a great marriage.  There are layers of that greatness that are a legacy of Bob Dawkins.  He has tenderly cared for his wife for well over 40 years. He taught his son to tenderly care for me.  He was a wise manager of his household and finances. His son is a wise manager of our household.  He served in his home regularly.  His son has washed the dishes for me after almost every dinner in 6 years of marriage without ever being asked.  He said he learned it from his dad. His father cared for other people more than his own personal interests.  His son is the most selfless person I know.  To Pop Pop, we are full of gratitude.  Your legacy is rich.  We see through your line God's faithfulness to those who love Him.

And then there is my own sweet husband.  There is one reason I would like to have a house full of sons.  It is so they could watch the example of David and grow into real men in a very confused world. He is a father in the richest sense.  He is truer at home than any other place.  I see the real man day in and day out, and I respect him more than anyone else.  God's grace is powerfully evident in him.  We adore him.  Apart from salvation, there is no gift I give thanks for more than David. Happy Father's Day.

To the fathers, with love.  


Anonymous said...

so beautifully written!

staceyb joransen

Shannon G. said...

What a beautiful and heart-felt tribute to all three men in your life! I know their hearts were blessed by your words.