Wednesday, June 25, 2014

To my Mom

It's her birthday.  And once more I'm off in the some foreign country.  I've missed more birthdays in my adult years than I've been a part.  Yet,  she has been the most amazing support throughout this journey (who comes across multiple oceans 4 times in 2 years just for a visit?!?).  Everyday I realize a little bit more what I owe to her. I see the providence of the Father in giving me to her.  No one else could have taught me for long years before how to survive in this land so well! Her love for me has been unfailing.  No matter what I've done (um, like run off to asia with my kids),  I have always known she would love me anyways.   My life has been indelibly shaped through her life and example.  Words fail.

I'm grateful for you, Mom.

All my love.

Happy Birthday! 

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