Monday, June 23, 2014

wimpy, whiny me

My husband is in another country.  Silas came down with a fever 12 hours after his flight departed. I set some goals for language progression, and they take a lot of time. Hence, no play school and language class with a feverish toddler.  Jude is going through a "phase" that needs a lot of attention from me.  I didn't eat dinner until….well…it's 9:30pm and I still haven't eaten dinner.  In 2 days, hopefully we'll all be on the beach together.  But before that happens, I'll be flying alone with my two banshees to meet up with the hubs.  Packing, cleaning, laundry and loading that car up at 6am to make the flight are all looming before me.

I have been tempted to throw myself onto the couch today and utter some exhausted complaints upward.  

There's a lot to get done.

I read an article this week about wimpy, whiny moms.  It's been running in my mind all day.  The way we throw words around like "overwhelmed," "stressed out," etc.  It's a bit of an epidemic and I appreciated the forthrightness of the author to point it out.  It has helped me today. It helped me to shut my mouth.   This is my life and I have the strength, by God's grace,  to live it.  Complaints will help not one itty iota.

In a book I once read (if I could remember where, I'd tell ya:) there was a little analogy something like this:

Imagine a child in the middle of a room that needs picking up.  The child sits down, bursts into tears and begins dialoging with you about how overwhelmed they are.  There's no way they'll ever get this cleaned up.  It's just too much.

Imagine another child in the midst of a room that needs picking up.  She begins quietly to work her way along.  Little by little, the job begins to progress.  Slowly and steadily, she makes her way through.

It's helped me to think about that today and just keep going.  This is part of growing into maturity for me.  There's no analysis needed, no sorting through my emotions on the day. Tears and fits will never really help.  I need to put my head down and work.

So little by little, I'm packing those bags and wiping that runny nose.

Weary in well doing.  That is motherhood.  

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Beth said...

Amen! Laura, I love reading your writing! PS This post made me a little nervous as Mike leaves the country in a week for three weeks - eek!