Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

1. Today was the half way mark in my intensive linguistics course.  I know enough about bilabial and back velar articulation to last me a life time.  It's seriously been a profitable class.  Maybe one day, ten years from now, I'll be as fluent as fluent can be. And all these steps along the way will feel worth it.  Right now, let's be honest….I'm ready for a break.

2. Jude has a "Poetry Competition" at school on Friday.  We're bribing motivating him with the promise of a Spiderman watch to learn the rendition of Psalm 23 found in the Jesus Story Book Bible.  Pure sweetness to hear those words coming out of his mouth.  The actual performance is unlikely to be quite so solid as his practice….but he's definitely made progress since our play school drama fiascos.

3. Silas's teacher sent home a notice that he is also requested to recite a short poem.  Um.  Silas doesn't really talk.  A poetry competition!? I'll let you know how it goes.

4. David is manny-of-the-year.  He made a broccoli quiche this week that was ah-mazing. He's tackling  with gusto that long list of house projects that piled up over the summer.

5. Why all the projects to complete? Well, friends, if all goes as planned, four months from this week we will be on a plane to America.  We'll be hugging those grandparents and eating Thanksgiving dinner with actual turkey. There's a lot of space between here and there but we certainly feel the window closing.  It's hard to believe we've been on this journey for three years. God's grace has been sufficient for us.

I really will write something a bit pensive and serious soon.  There's more stirring in my brain than I have energy to output. For now, that's what's up around here this Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome, hope we'll get to see y'all!! :D

Kelly Brasher said...

Yay! Our family has been calculating your return for a few months now! So glad we have the official word from you. Couch time is definitely on the agenda, Mrs. D. I have 3 babysitters lined up to entertain those precious boys! Love you so much, sweet family!