Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Five

1. We made it. The class is over. The assignments turned in. My last phonetics skype call is in the morning. Whew. 

2. Jude had a baby root canal this week on his front tooth. Apparently there was some tooth trauma in the past. (How on earth could that happen to our calm little lad;)  For a kid who screams at the barber shop, when the drill came in, it was a display of true bravery. Not a peep! 

3. We watched Planes last weekend for a little family night. Obsession under way. Please note Silas is clutching a plane in the lunch pic above. 

4. Hubs has an obsession of his own these days. He's training hard for the half marathon here in mid-August. No small feat in monsoon season. His time makes my run look like a walk. 33 and still got it!

5. Tomorrow we leave for Thailand. A week of meetings and hopefully a big trip to the aquarium! Too bad it's a midnight flight. Jude told me earlier this week that he's always wanted to stay up all night. I guess his dream might come true. 

Have a great weekend! 

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