Tuesday, September 23, 2014

all for ice cream

We had a major breakthrough yesterday.

After 2 years of dramatic play school program failures, Jude danced with his class on stage. Their dance was solid-liquid-mass in some sort of artistic form. I'm sure he'll want the video played at his graduation. He then said a few lines (with a lot of help from his teacher) to the parents in the room.

I admit that my pregnant emotions got the better of me.  I cried.

David promised him an entire Magnum Ice-cream bar (truly some fantastic ice-cream) if he actually participated. His first words off the stage were, "Mom, can I really have an entire Magnum bar all to myself?" Apparently , it was high motivation to a 4 year old.

He ate it with gusto.

After the program, I got to look through his work and select a few favorites as keepsakes.  Call me sentimental: 

Progress, friends.  Pre-K has definitely been progress. 

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