Thursday, September 11, 2014

There & Back

I am back in the land of curry.  And don't think I could have lasted another minute without seeing all my sweet boys, big and small.  Since I obviously took a pretty long hiatus from this little blog, I'll catch you up in photos.  The trip was everything I hoped it would be, and then some.  I really cannot express how good it was to spend a week among those dear familiar faces.

It was a gift.  I am grateful.

Here are a few highlights from the trip.

1. Celebrating my niece Josie's 3rd "Frozen" birthday.  Even Mamaw and Aunt Julie made it out! There was a bounce slide the size of my sister's house! The girl knows how to party:) Have I ever mentioned how much I miss my sister????

2. Seriously devouring some Mexican food.  (And every other kind you could imagine.) What I couldn't miss on this trip: a. Fajitas from Chapultepec b. Newk's Favorite Salad with sherry vinaigrette c. Corky's BBQ & their amazing potato salad d. Pancho's Cheese Dip e. My M-I-L's roast and potatoes f. Fresh Market's Cranberry Orange Bread g. Doritos (en bulk)

3. The best Girls' Night Out ever to the Taco Truck and Mexican Ice Creamery on Summer Avenue. Yes, we made the bride wear a sombrero!

4. Making that long walk to visit Jessica's grave with my dear friends and remembering her laughter.

5. Catching up with David's family over dinner and meeting the first Dawkins grand-girl!

6. Witnessing one of the sweetest weddings ever as I watched my dearest friend vow to love and cherish forever.  It was beautiful, godly, and full of joy. I felt so honored to be a part!

7. Lovin' all the old friends I got to see at the reception afterward.

There is something so rich and full about boarding a plane after a week like that and knowing in the bottom of my soul that right now I belong on this side of the ocean. Glad I went.  Glad I am home.

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Chelsea said...

I have been dying to read about your visit to the u.s. I cried for you over your arrival in the U.s., I know how emotional our first time back was for me and iI wasn't gone near as long as you. So glad it was a sweet time. But, love your last line of knowing what side of the ocean you are to be on for now. I sooo get that. You are such an encouragement sweet Laura, such an encouragement! -Chelsea