Tuesday, October 7, 2014

At 18 Weeks

The blog hasn't exactly been my first priority lately.  The primary reason is this little life that seems to be taking up most of my excess energy.  This has been my toughest pregnancy, by far.  (Or I've just really forgotten how hard this is!) I'm chalking it up to my old age and these two little boys who aren't so good at resting these day:) Here are a few things I will probably forget if I don't write them here:

Morning-Noon-Night Sickness 

It's still going strong.  Hopefully, I'll see a break in the next week or two. Though I seem to keep saying that.  I've been on medicine for the past week and  a half because I really just couldn't take it any more. Even the medicine is getting weary though and I seem to be building up some sort of resistance to it.

Here's the weirdest part: both times I've flown out of our country, the sickness has disappeared.  When we were in Thailand I made an emergency appointment for an ultrasound because overnight my nausea vanished.  The change was so drastic I felt sure something had gone terribly wrong. All was well. The night we flew back in, I was literally throwing up within 5 minutes of walking back into my apartment. When I went to the US, I wasn't sick once.  Nauseous here and there but completely manageable.  After my return, I was in bed for 3 days with uncontrollable nausea and worse. And it's still going, only milder. That's weird, people.  It's weird.  It's like this baby is allergic to South Asia.

Let's just say I've been wearing my moo-moo more than usual these days.

The Big Brothers

They are delighted….kissing my stomach and all sorts of cuteness like that.  Jude wants a boy so I'll be the only girl in the family.  I really cannot even imagine. He's voting for the name Ayan, his favorite classmate as school.  Aarashi is his pick on the girl names.  Somehow, neither name is really on our list.

Silas loves talking about the baby and we've seen a surge in random-baby interest.  I'm not sure he's totally getting this quite yet:)

The Double News

Have I mentioned that my sister is due 4 days before me? Yes. She. IS!!!!  I can hardly express what a sweet gift from God that is.  And yes, I will deliver in the US…hopefully in the same hospital and preferably on the same day, though preferably not in the same room, haha.

Gender Predictions

There are serious statues against finding out the gender in our country.  It's a policy I completely agree with in light of the history of female abortions due to cultural traditions. Before every ultrasound I have to sign a document stating that I will not even ask to know the gender.

I admit though that I am making an appointment for the day after my return to the US.  I'm not big on surprises! While the odds aren't exactly in my favor, I am not convinced this is a boy.  I felt quite certain with both Jude and Silas…and I was right.  This time, I think it's a girl.  I heartily acknowledge though that my intuition could be too mingled with hope at this point to bear much weight.  Of course, I would indeed love a girl.  But I do think I might be more of a boy mom by nature anyways.  We will certainly be happy with either. I have decided to refer to this little one in the gender neutral female "she" until the ultrasound though as a sort of intercession:)

Here I am…in all my lovely pregnancy glory.

Can't wait to meet this little one!


Linz said...

hahaha! you made an appointment!?!? did you use ruch clinic or dr peeler!?!?!
that's our only shot at having same day delivery!

Robin said...

Cute bump! Praying your sickness goes away very very soon!

AC said...

Praying the sickness ends soon!! Hugs to you, friend!

Claire Nettles said...

You ARE glowing! I love it. Makes me want to be pregnant again (yes, already!). :-) So happy for you. I hope you get to come to Clinton some time so you can meet Caleb. :-)