Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Miscellany

1. Hubs is our favorite man in the whole world. And he's forbidden me to make any special mention of how thankful we are for his life…on this day in particular.  Let's just say we've had a pan of brownies, a cake and some ice cream this weekend. Please do not write to him.  He'll know I told you.

2. This weekend, in honor of hubs, we had a serious round of Ticket to Ride, some crazy good brownies and ice cream, and our amazingly generous friends gave yet another hand-me-down i-phone to our family. Hubs was more than a little excited. Who does that? Nagels, we love you.

3. I had a dialogue with my doctor (which she initiated) today during which she advised me on proper protocol should I give birth while in an airplane. Sometimes I seriously wish my life did not necessitate conversations like that.

4. On my way home from the doctor I was trying to avoid a ticket by slamming on my breaks at a stop light. The green light was blinking and the traffic was so thick I knew I wouldn't make it through the intersection before it changed. I was "camera-tagged" by a police officer in a very asian manner for stopping in the crosswalk.  I felt it was entirely unjust.  I then rolled down my window and proceeded to argue with him in a foreign tongue about the injustice, inconsistencies and illogical patterns of asian traffic ticketing. I wish I really knew all those words in this language.  It probably came out…"why you camera me??" In the end, he just looked exasperated and walked away. As I drove away, culture stress got the better of me and I took photos of him on my phone to send to the local paper with a complaint in English. Do not follow my example, friends.

5. I saw this post on leaf craftery this weekend (thanks to Katharine on FB:) and we not only made a pretty rockin' leaf mobile for the porch, but a puppy hat for the little man.

6. My friend, Lee, is one of my favorite writers.  Even as a mom of boys, I loved her post When You Want Your Daughter To Know Who She Is.

When we get to know who we are, it is inexplicable apart from who He is. He hems us in, behind and before. When we get to know God, He is inexplicable from the man Christ Jesus. History met Christ through His body. God incarnate came and took on flesh. Now, if He dwells in us, our bodies are His temples. I want my children to know who they are. I want to know who I am. I want us to find out who God is, what He says about us, and what He says about Himself. Then I pray we have the courage to agree with it.

Happy Monday to you!


Gayle Smith said...

Blinking green light? Must be an Asian traffic thing, yet you spoke of it as if it were normal!!
I really enjoy reading your blog entries.

Lee said...

thank you, laura! love and hugs to you. and can't WAIT to see you!!!