Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Five

1. This week I took an unintentional hiatus from the blog.  I've also forgotten to bathe. I've scheduled things on top of other things.  I've been getting our house and family ready for a 6 month trip to the US while David was in another city for meetings. All. Week. Meetings. And I had another bout with fairly intense pregnancy nausea.

But hubs is back. We're almost packed.  The house is in order.

And it really looks like we're gonna make it. This is seriously by the grace of God. Seriously. 


2. On the cusp of America, David and I seem to be experiencing a sort of cultural delirium. A friend likened it to the sort of state  you go into at around 2am when you're all tired and giddy.  I've been laughing a lot over the past few weeks.  Sometimes in people's faces.  This is not always appropriate.  Let me give you an example.

Jude was crying in the elevator this week. My neighbor said, as any South Asian would, "He's crying." Well, now.  I know that he is crying.  But there's not really much I can do about it as I wrangle the 2 year old, the stroller and try to get everyone in before the elevator door eats us.  Asians almost always state the obvious when children cry as if awaiting a surprised response. I haven't figured out the full reason yet. So, instead of explaining that he was crying because he hit his knee, I just said, "Yes. He is crying." Then I started laughing….a little bit like a hyena.  Cultural delirium.  Do you know what happened next? My neighbor started laughing with me and repeating "He is crying." I got out of the elevator still laughing and Jude was still crying.

It's time to leave this country, people.

3. As if the first two Friday Five haven't alerted you enough to our cultural state, I'll share another story from the week with you. We were in some asian traffic.  A man pulled a pretty brave move into traffic, even for here. We almost hit him. But we didn't. He then rounded a corner at a high speed and hit a motorcyclist.  The man fell off his bike, and the car kept going. Hit and run.  David then proceeded to chase after the car. He tried with another car to block him in - but he got away.  (I'm sorry to all you grammarians.  I cannot bear to put proper commas into this paragraph today. Commas are a thorn in my flesh.) We then chased him at high speed (with our kids in the back seat) down the street and into a construction zone.  We bumped along the dirt road chasing after him. All the while, this pregnant foreign lady was yelling out the window and taking photos of his car and tags.  We finally gave up. We returned to the accident scene and showed the photos to the police.  He was driving a new car with a temporary tag…which apparently cannot be traced.  (Remind me again why temporary tags might be issued?) Though it was a bit of a bust, David had the full admiration of the local police force…who witnessed the accident but don't actually have vehicles with them on their post. (Yes, you read that correctly.)  Hand shakes and comradeship all around. We were good citizens…for once.

4. Goodbyes are hard. Jude has probably taken the hardest hit.  Six months is a long time when you're only 4. So we stuck pictures of him to boxes of candy and he distributed them to his classmates. He bought chocolates for his teachers. And we've had play dates galore this week. We are leaving in the hopes that Skype works on the other side as well. If you have a 4 year old little boy in Memphis, could you please send him over to my house soon? 

5. I've had a few "see you laters" myself this week.  But from the perspective of 34, six months isn't really all that long.  My overwhelming emotion has been gratitude.  I have people to miss….on both sides of the ocean!  That is just a really good thing.  I love our community here. I'm glad I'll miss them.  God has been gracious to us.  His provision on both sides of this globe is perfect.

Hopefully, my next post will be from the U-S-A!!!

I'm sure I'll have a few words to share about 24 hours of flying with 2 little people and my favorite man! Prayers appreciated. Hope to see a few of your faces very soon!

Happy Friday!


kelly Brasher said...

Yay! Just Yay!

Linz said...

aww jude! and the laughing thing is funny!