Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Miscellany

Here's a little miscellany from our life this week: 

1. We are 2 weeks from take off for our 6 month stint in the US.  Whew. We've been trying, fairly successfully, to keep our heads in the game.  But it's getting harder.  SO. excited. 

2. The nearness of that date has really made us treasure the things we enjoy about our life here.  We've been having regular chats with the boys about how different our afternoons will look in the US.  The weather is not perpetually conducive to outdoor play, nor will they have hundreds of playmates literally a few steps out their door.  We love our neighborhood here and have grown pretty accustomed to the "community" atmosphere. We might actually get lonely sometimes in America. 

3. On a very random note, the boys played their first game of air hockey at the mall recently.  It was a big hit.  Have I ever mentioned that I love air hockey. 

4. Pregnancy has driven me to strange places.  For the past 2 weeks, I've ordered the "idly plate" breakfast from our local delivery restaurant.  For 75cents, 3 idly, peanut chutney (with a pretty intense kick) and sambar are delivered to my door within 15 minutes.  Perks, friends. There are serious perks about my life here. 

5. My cousin, John, travelled to our city for a business trip this week. It was fantastic to hang out for a morning.  I haven't seen him in ages…love that we finally met up on this far side! 

6. I'm not gonna lie.  When I saw the picture below, I felt shocked. I am 23 weeks pregnant, friends. I am only a little over half way. That is one seriously huge baby bump. Can I be honest? The reality that most people have not seen me in 3 years and will now see me only in this shocking state is just a bit humbling. Vanity exposed. 

Happy Monday to you!


Chelsea said...

Thank you for exposing your vanity :) I love your baby belly! So excited about your time in the states!!!!!!

A New Song said...

Yay! We are only a month apart in our pregnancies, and Erica is right there in the middle of us!!!! :) Grace to you in these days ahead of travel and transition!