Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We made it.

We made it.

We are making it.

The flight could not have been better.  It was amazingly smooth.  For the first 22 hours, the kids were unusually calm (and no, we did not medicate them:)   They kind of lost it on the last leg from Texas. But, no complaints here.  It seriously felt miraculous.   We all had space to stretch out on the "night" flight.  Jude even slept 9 hours straight. Who does that on a plane?

Prayers appreciated.  We saw some definitive results!

Of course, by the time we saw all those grandparents and uncles, we were glad enough to be done! Oh, it is good to be home.  (And for the record, I did not weep in customs this time:)

Jet lag is rough.  But it could be a lot rougher.

Everyone kind of falls apart after 4pm.  And somehow 3:30am feels like a wake up call. Tonight I made handprint turkey shirts with the kids at 7pm.  That was a bad idea.  But the shirts are cute. And the tears are now dry.

I just baked a Pumpkin Cheesecake.  And I wanted to kiss the Philadelphia package.  It's been too long.

Butternut squash in the oven.  Strawberry pretzel salad is in the fridge.  Sister Shubert's rolls are waiting in the freezer.

We are ready for Thanksgiving on the farm tomorrow.

How sweet it is.

I am thankful!

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