Wednesday, December 3, 2014


My wonderful (and very generous) parents decided to book a Disney extravaganza this Christmas. We are loving it! You'll probably get tired of seeing "the magic" on the blog this week. But here goes!

And just in case you are wondering: Hubs and I did indeed wear matching Mickey shirts all day today. We're cool like that.


MAJ said...

So cute! We are going to Disney next week, my favorite place! While you are in Memphis, I'd love to meet you and hang out. I have a 4 YO and 2Yo. I kinda know David through Bellevue / ECS, and would love to hang out, if you are free. My kids would love to play! And my husband said he'd love to cook some Indian for you guys (he's from Mumbai).

MAJ said...

Oh, and not too sure the best way to contact you. Are you on facebook?

Kelly Brasher said...

Love this! So thankful you are still taking time to blog. Makes me feel closer to my sweet extended family. Have a great week! Love you all!

Chelsea said...

This is fabulous! My heart leapt inside me when I saw your post titled, "Disney"! So happy for you friend. Soak up every moment and act as touristy as you need to! (Oh, and please keep the pictures coming, I LOVE Disney!)