Thursday, December 18, 2014

On the road again….

We are in Branson this week with David's parents.  If I can get good enough internet on my phone up in these hills, I'll post a picture or two.  The view is definitely worth the bad reception:) Snow was forecast, but it's been a rather unexciting drizzle mostly.

We're in the land of "shows." I can't recall ever coming to Branson…except in Junior High when our choir sang Saddle Up Your Horses on a stage somewhere. We wore cowboy hats and swayed to some elaborate choreography that I always remember when Steven Curtis Chapman is played.

Yesterday, we went to the Dixie Stampede Christmas Show.  Though I certainly don't think I would have picked it out in a brochure, it was definitely a hit with all of us.  The boys were completely enthralled with the horses, the food was good (and very plentiful), and the Christmas scenes were really  chosen to display the meaning for the season.

This afternoon, we had center stage seats for Jonah. Half way through, there was a gigantic fish floating through the aisle over our heads.  The boys loved it! For me, the fictionalized scene of the repentance of the people of Ninevah was undoubtedly one of the most moving I've every seen. The power and beauty of it caught me off guard.  Rather unexpectedly, I found it thought provoking and compelling.   

Tomorrow, we're either in for Silver Dollar City or the indoor water parks, or both. Whew.  Grandparents know how to party!!!!

In case you're wondering why we seem to be on perpetual vacation, Jude is wondering too.  When I unpacked from our weekend trip only to put the clothes back in the suitcase, he asked me why we are going on so many trips these days.  He seems to think America is just one party after another.  January might come as a shock to him.

We're making up for 3 years away from these beloved grandparents though, and this will be a December we'll remember for a long time to come! They are definitely giving us the gift of lots of great memories together!

Happy Friday to you.

Next week, we hope to be firmly planted in Memphis again…at least for a week or two:)

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