Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

1. Jude went to his first rodeo this weekend.  He still thinks it was called a "radio," and now has a great impersonation of a bucking bull. He stayed up until 11pm and Silas did not get to go, both factors made it an undoubted highlight of his childhood. 

2. Hubs went to the Liberty Bowl with his dad yesterday.  It was around 34 degrees I think.  He loved it and felt very American.  You couldn't pay me money to sit out there.  

3. We tried to make headway on the naming of the baby this week.  We talked about it for about 10 minutes, which is progress.  There are a few names I am mulling over, but I don't love the meanings.  We like names with meaning.  We decided the perfect name for this child, our third boy, would be something like "self control." (Maybe we're feeling a wee bit overwhelmed.) So I looked up names meaning self-control and here are a few options: Uijyant, Ishana, and Jontrell.

I guess not.  

And on that note, I will end the tidbits.  


Inception said...

LOL #3. Maybe you can see about names meaning peacemaker or quiet or calm or something else similar that may help ;-)

Linz said...

I kina like Ishana! but mom and dad may flip!