Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Five

We ended 2014 and welcomed 2015 with a lot of friends, family and fun. We've loved the familiar faces and fellowship. Here's a peek at the past few days:

1. A very Dawkins Christmas at Grammar's. It was the first time the cousins have been together at Christmas time since 2011. We've grown since then. Oh so many boys! (and one sweet girl who loved the toy cars just as much;)

2. New Year's Eve fun with college friends! How we love these people. We even made it to midnight with a riveting game of Ticket to Ride. (I think board games on New Year's Eve pretty much mean you're not so young anymore.) 

3. Hangin' with my college suite mate and her very adorable crew. 

4. The rain and cold are tearin' us down. Barring a very few days in monsoon season, I can hardly recall a day in the past 3 years when we couldn't play outside at some point. Today we took it to the mall for cousin time. 

5. Jude came into some money over the holidays. And don't you know, that that budget-minded Dad of his sat him down for a planning meeting. $6.50 was never taken so seriously. The look of concern on Jude's face is the honest angst of a 4 year old who just heard Dad and Mom discuss if Jude should now be required to purchase his own school pencils. (The answer was not quite yet, to his relief;) 

Happy 2015 to you! 

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