Monday, January 26, 2015


This weekend we hit Louisville and it was full of friends, fun and snow.  Our primary purpose was to spend some time at the church we attended during our 3 years in the city.  It was refreshing and helpful to meet with the pastors.  The worship together in a place that really shaped a lot of our life in Christ and His church while we were studying there was sweet.  If you are ever in want of some really great teaching, link up to Pastor Ryan Fullerton at Immanuel.  

Of course, we did see a few old friends while we were there too and have some serious snow fun!  

Introducing the boys to the wonder of Cracker Barrel en route to KY! 

Snow ball fight with our good friends from South Asia.
 It's only ok to ask to bring your entire family into the
2 bedroom apartment of people you meet overseas:)  

The boys putting on a "concert" for Tim & Whitney!

Our fantastic Seminary friends, The Lyons.
We've all grown a lot since those Louisville days!  

Sweet Chelsea, now a married momma, who was my college student "mentee." 

I don't mean to brag, but these guys were the absolute best little travelers!  

And now, we are back in Memphis.  We had a few more out of town things scheduled, but I admit that after that long drive and the travel flurry of 4 days away, I'm finally giving into reality.  David will make the rest of our trips solo.  The boys and I are going to be Memphis bound.  Weakness acknowledged.  This pregnant lady just can't take any more.  So glad we went.  And SO glad to be home! 

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Chelsea said...

I'm so excited to have made it on the Dawkins Narrative! I loved our time together, thanks for being great :)