Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Miscellany

We are back from Virginia.  I'm not gonna lie.  This pregnant girl is tired. I feel like I need attitude therapy.  (That's another way of saying I really need some time thinking about the gospel:) In the next 3.5 weeks, we will spend an average of 30 hours in our car.  All the things at the end of those car rides are immensely good.  But I cannot pretend I am particularly looking forward to the actual miles.  After these journeys, I am planning to stay inside my house until I go into labor:)

Here's a little miscellany for you this morning:

1. This post by Sally Clarkson on the impact of a gospel home blessed me so much.  It was a great perspective shaper and really helped me in this season of traveling chaos! I have rarely been more grateful for a place to 'land.' I read that little article this morning as my boys played with their train set and enjoyed a schedule-less morning even amid piles of laundry and untouched Christmas decor.  Take a few minutes to read.

2. Have I mentioned to you that we are really lovin' the American food? We are.  Yesterday we ate at Corky's and friends, this bears repeating: they have the BEST potato salad in the world.  Not to mention some pretty fine BBQ. I do also need to get a Newk's salad…and soon.

3. We are adjusting culturally for the most part. We still have quite a few moments when we look up and think…"Woah. That's really American." Our boys are missing the routine of school but have done remarkably well with all the travel and adjustment.

We are experiencing a bit of confusion over American appliances though.  They have never seen a dishwasher or clothes dryer. These are fascinating machines to them and the questions are abundant.

Their favorite though is the vacuum.  Somehow, they associate it with a lawnmower (which they had also never seen) and repeatedly ask if they can help lawn mow the carpet.  David, being the kinder parent, tries to help them overcome this misunderstanding.  I admit I find it hysterical and at the very least do not correct their understanding. (Ok, so I might be a bit guilty of perpetuating it:) We can hardly get the carpet clean amid all the excitement.  Who knew they were missing so much in the land of mops and brooms?

Happy Monday!

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