Friday, February 20, 2015

A Week Away

I met with the doctor yesterday. After a peek at that super-huge baby on the ultrasound, they scheduled an induction for next Friday morning! (In case you're curious, they think he's over 9lbs, 12oz now.  All speculative of course, but based on my history…probably fairly close to the truth.) If all goes as planned, I should be holding sweet Asher one way or another by this time next week.

You wanna hear the really crazy great news? My sister is scheduled for an induction the day before!  At the same hospital. Yep. Unless someone goes into labor before then, those cousins will be a day apart and nursery mates from the very start.  It just couldn't get any more exciting around here!  (Well, I guess it could.)

I admit to following the appointment up with a very exciting baby supply run at Target:) Those people know how to market.  I didn't exactly stick to the list.

Here's to just one more week of waiting! 


Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to have a baby one day apart with my sister! That is such a gift. May it be a blessed event for all of you, and may time stand still for you to enjoy it to the fullest. - Kristie Randolph

Sara Nagel said...

I love the picture of you and your sister. How truly sweet to be experiencing this together :) I am sending prayers for healthy happy baby and momma! So excited to see baby Asher!

Lee said...

i want to check the LOVE box! but there wasn't one. so I'm saying it here. LOVE! can't wait for Asher to meet his family.

kelly Brasher said...

Praying for safe deliveries for both you and Lindsey. We can hardly wait to meet that sweet new Dawkins boy - especially Natalie. She is the baby crazy one of the family! We will be waiting for good news soon! Love you all!