Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five

Apologies to all you faithful blog checkers.  I'm slowing my pace in just about every area of life these days.  The blog included.  Just in case you're wondering what's happening in our every day life, here's a Friday Five for you:

1. There is such a phenomenon as re-entry culture shock. There's even some research to back it.  I'd say our re-entry stress has been fairly low.  But I think I've discovered a trigger.  If someone wants to research my reaction to America after three years overseas, we can meet at Wal-Mart.  Friends, I can barely walk into that store.  It's one of the only activities in our return to America that seriously makes me want to move back to South Asia.

2. We have still been doing a bit of traveling and such, just a little closer to home.  Last weekend we hung out with my third cousins (because you count that way when you're from Tennessee). My boys were completely won over by big college guys who were willing to spend all afternoon wrestling on the floor with them. Cousin love.   

3. Good old Rebekah gave me a pedicure gift certificate for Christmas.  So we had a girl morning and I soaked my preggo feet.  I choose blue, a sure sign that I really am embracing three boys! 

4. Apparently, signs of stress appear on my body in the form of rashes.  Have I ever mentioned that the day before my wedding, I broke out in a rash? The pharmacist pretty much shrugged her shoulders and said it would go away after the wedding. It did. Well, Asher isn't exactly a point of stress, but the guy is apparently making my estrogen levels rise and fall to ridiculous levels.  The only relief I've found so far? Oatmeal baths.  Nothing fancy from the store for me, just good ole breakfast oats, baking soda and olive oil in a bath.  I admit that it's a little more relaxing than it sounds.  

5.  I've also been checking a few things off my list to take back with us.  Right now the very unimportant but fun task is selecting fabric for couch pillows.  Please recall I have orange curtains, teal walls and a brown couch. Any one want to vote? Are flowers out now that I'm the lone female in a family of five? 

Happy Friday to you! 


Robin Williford Stevens said...

I think flowers are in BECAUSE you are the lone female!

Lee said...

wal-mart is a shock no matter what, right? i avoid it at all costs.

Kelly B. said...

1)Use both fabrics! They look great together!
2)The Brasher clan loved the cousin time! Jude told Quinten he was really gonna miss him, and Silas told Logan he wanted to come back sometime! Talk about winning some kids over - my big kids have totally fallen for those sweet boys! Natalie is saving up some love for baby Asher.
3)I never go to Wal-Mart without complaining about how much I hate it, and I've not been abroad in years!
4)I am praying peace and stress-less-ness for you sweet girl! love you much!

Chelsea said...

I'm all about the flowers. You can be all boy, but enjoy some frills on the windows :)