Monday, February 23, 2015

Jane Eyre & Lady Gaga

We skipped the Oscars last night. When hubs, being the man that he is, assured me that he would love to watch Jane Eyre with me, it made my night.  It's long been among my favorite books, which doesn't usually make me run out to see the modern movie. But I was quite pleasantly surprised.   Though a two hour movie certainly lacks the depth to develop a character like 400 pages of Bronte, I found it very compelling.  

And now, I plan to pack the original paper version for my hospital reading this week. What could be a better fit for the arrival of my third boy? 

After the movie, I did watch a clip from the Oscars, only to find Lady Gaga, of all people, paying tribute to Julie Andrews.  A little odd. But, I admit it was beautiful.  It was really lovely and classy. 

Do you know what I just couldn't get past though? 

The tattoos. A ship and a trumpet??? I was so distracted every time she raised her well-sculpted little arm.  I found myself thinking more about tattoos than the wonder of her voice.  I wish her designer has just put sleeves on that classically pretty dress and saved my mind the distraction.  

It did help me pinpoint just how I feel about tattoos in general.  

I find them to be terribly distracting to the aesthetic simplicity and beauty of plain skin.  

I know, they are so, so popular these days. One day, my daughter-in-laws will probably have tattoos all over their arms.  Don't call me a grandma but I like plain skin.  I think skin is beautiful. To me, it's kind of like finding a child's practice at drawing on a great work of art. It seems like a sort of obvious mishap that distracts from the epic and unbending beauty of a truly fine piece.  

There you have it, friends.  My very important analysis of the 2011 Jane Eyre movie and Lady Gaga's tattooed arms.  

Happy Monday! 


Crosby International said...

I agree completely!!! I was so distracted by those tatoos. So ugly! Her dress, her voice, the was all so beautiful and pure, but those tatoos were just like mud on a wedding dress. It did make me want to watch Sound of Music again.


Linz said...

I wanted a tattoo for my 30th bday... andy said no though!

Gayle Smith said...

I thought the same too but was so impressed that she could sing so classically.

Lee said...

I admit I was not so distracted. I saw it, sure and thought, "ha those don't really go with that elegant dress." But then I got so pulled in to her voice and stage presence that the tattoos didn't stand a chance.