Monday, March 30, 2015

Crazy Quinten

Quinten visited this weekend.  David's friend from those golden years he spent down in the jungle is referred to in our home as "craaaazy Quinten." The guy has energy enough to challenge even the Dawkins boys.

He brought his Harley, to the delight of Jude and Silas.  Motorcycles, skateboards, soccer teams…there's just a lot of testosterone around here lately.  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

goodbye, tooth

Jude had a little dental work done yesterday. That pulpectomy from the middle of South Asia needed a little cleaning up. 

Ok.  He had a lot of dental work done yesterday. 

It was so extensive that we ended up at the surgery center.  Let's just say his smile is definitely going to be modified for the next few years until his permanent teeth come in. Currently, he's missing a front tooth and has lots of silver shining through in the back. Whew. 

I couldn't resist finding his hospital gown picture from his last surgery when he was two:  

Goodbye, tooth!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Asher's Secret Admirer

Asher got a little package in the mail yesterday.  Oh.  The cuteness.  They are adorable!

You know I have a soft spot for some good Southern monogramming! And obviously, Asher was just over the moon about them….:)

Any chance one of you blog friends sent them our way? There was no name in the package, just a card from the adorable etsy company.  While a secret admirer is very sweet and mysterious, I'd sure love to give a proper thank you to the kind friend:) 

Own up, admirer! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

the flurry

Our days are slowly resuming their routine.  We're enjoying the warmer weather and hitting all the parks in town. The calendar is back on fully functioning. If all goes as planned, we'll be back on a plane crossing oceans in two short months.  There are a lot of people to enjoy before then, a lot of green space to take in. So far, Asher is filling his position as the flexible third born. 

But the transition is taking some time.  As most transitions do.  

Our out-the-door and in-the-car estimated time is somewhere around thirty minutes right now.  That's correct. It takes me about 30 minutes to round it all up and get out these days.  And that's if everyone is fairly compliant and Asher doesn't decide he needs a snack.  

My personality has a strong bent toward planning.  That means that in every transition season, I'm thinking about how the settled season might look.  Imagining myself getting all of this equipment and all these people out the door and into a crazy car ride through South Asia makes me pause.  It will be my chaos meeting an indescribable cultural chaos that will undoubtedly lead to some pretty intense moments. 

Elisabeth Elliot has a little note tucked away somewhere in her writing where she talks about taking care not to attempt more than you can complete without fuss and flurry. She said it better than that, of course.  And considering the woman devoted her life to tribal work, wrote countless books and taught university courses, I trust you understand that she wasn't exactly promoting laziness.  She was disciplined.  And part of that discipline was trusting that the Father has not called us to more than we are able to complete in the time given to us in a day. 

I find myself very often getting all out of sorts…caught up in a flurry of motion and activity.  It usually happens when I add something into my schedule that I think I can get done…if I hurry.  Not necessities, but little things that I plop into my schedule at the last minute in an attempt to get a more superfluous activity done. 

To give an example, today I had an hour.  A blessed, treasured hour alone. I rushed out the door after feeding Asher. We had a meeting scheduled in one hour.  But I just knew I could get a few errands done.  Oh, the freedom of running into make a return at Target without unbuckling any seat belts but my own.  I did get several errands done.  When I exited the last store and saw that I actually had five minutes until I needed to leave, I decided to make one more stop.  I knew the exact book I wanted to purchase.  I ran inside.  I asked for help right away. And then it began to slowly unravel.  The sales clerk wanted to look it up in the computer.  The elderly lady was digging in her purse for pennies to make exact change and chatting with the cashier.  The computer system that required me to enter all of my information if I wanted that 40% discount.  The minutes were ticking and I was tapping my foot.  I was short with the cashier, rolled my eyes behind the elderly lady's back, and rushed out to my car feeling like the whole world was in slow motion and unaware of the importance of my time.  

One of my prayers for this coming year, this year of transition, is that I would walk in a more peaceful manner.  Less pulling my kids around with sighs and huffs and more peaceful working together to make this new season work.  

Less flurry, more intentional direction.  

Just three weeks into this mom-of-3 world, I can already see that that will mean less.  Less "accomplishments" each day, if I want to have a more peaceful home.  Less dates on the calendar and outings listed for the week. Fewer deadlines and commitments. Because my hands are already full - and these little people are just what I want them full of.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Miscellany

Here's a little miscellaneous information from our world these days:

1. You may remember this cake from Easter's past? I'm so happy to have Peeps in stock this year to continue the tradition:

2.  One of our goals for the boys is to expose them to as much of an "American" childhood as possible in six short months.  In keeping, they spent a night at the circus with David and Pop last week.  There were ridiculously expensive pony rides, glow sticks, tamed animals and acrobats.  Some things just never change.   

3. The boys are playing soccer.  Jude felt he could not return to South Asia without being on a "real" soccer team.  Silas, of course, felt the same - as soon as he heard Jude say the words. Jude opted to be goalie, we think, because his older cousin plays goalie.  Let's just say we're a loooong way from going competitive. 

Note that the ball is thrown into the goal:) 

4. Asher's favorite part of life these days is hanging out on the changing table.  It doesn't seem to have a lot to do with the diaper aspect, he just loves the bright lights in the bathroom and the mirror.  If he's fussy, and I put him on the changing table, he stops and stares.  It's the little things.  

5. On this last note, I will not give you a visual. Friends, I woke up Saturday morning to find fourteen zits on my face.  I had a wedding shower to attend.  And I went, feeling like a 13 year old.  I promptly pulled out the Oxy pads. By Sunday, the number had increased to twenty four.  Even at the height of adolescence, I cannot recall such an outbreak.  Obviously, we are dealing with some serious pregnancy hormones….and my husband can attest that the only symptom is hardly pimples:) 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

hey, dude

Jude is two months shy of the big 5.  There is a definite transition taking place in his little world.  It seems like the growth is almost visible.  And his mannerisms are definitely changing.  He says "dude." I am not sure where it's coming from exactly.  And he's taken up skate boarding.  Yes.  Skate boarding.  This happened under hubs's watch and seems irreversible now.  I'm trying not to panic. This does not mean he'll be flying off crazy ramps at 15.  It might.  But it might not, right? 

Jude. The dude.  

Monday, March 16, 2015


Oh.  We are glad the sun is shining again.  It's been a long winter for those of us who haven't seen cold in 3 years.  Spring is here? To celebrate, my sister and I took all 6 of the kids to the zoo today. Whew. We made it…and it was actually really fun. Of course, we enlisted PopPop to come along as our support team. We're all gonna sleep well tonight! 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Silas turns 3!!!

Time.  It flies away from you.  We looked at pictures this afternoon of the day that Silas was born.  It really does seem like a few months ago. Three short years have passed that I hope will speed (slowly) into a lifetime of full life.

This is a season of sweet. Silas's favorite things to do are wrestle Dad and give kisses to Mom & Asher.  He's a total contradiction of everything boy and everything tender and sweet.  Jude is his absolute best friend.  He is totally bummed when Jude isn't around. But he's got plenty of heart for the masses too. He cries almost every time someone leaves our house…even relative strangers.  He is an extrovert in the extreme and yet has a shyness that is endearing.  He's hilarious.  Energetic.  Brave.  Kind.  I cannot wait to see the man he will grow into.  We love you, Silas!

We celebrated yesterday with a cousin party at Grammar's house.  I made cupcakes and bought a piƱata.  Hubs picked up Chick-fil-a and kind Grammar did the rest.  The simplicity of it was so perfect for Silas. He was delighted with some cousin time and a few of those gifts the grandmas are famous for giving! Here are a few pics from the day:

Happy 3rd Birthday, Silas!!! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


We are celebrating small progress around here these days. It's the best way to move through baby days. So far, we've not only managed Asher's 1 week birthday, Silas has stopped asking if I have another baby in my big tummy. I must have shrunken enough to merit non pregnancy status with my 2 year old! 

Perhaps my favorite post-partum pastime is relishing the return of my ankles. They've been cankles for so long now.  I've missed those ankle bones. Welcome back! 

Asher weighed in at 9lbs, 8oz at his one week check up.  He's holding his ground. He's also learning how to hold his pacifier in... Sometimes with greater success than at other times. 

It's the little things!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


We've been waiting on this kind of snow since we flew back! They spent the morning playing with the cousins.  Then this afternoon, the boys found a big hill and they had some big fun.  

I admit that I was glad I didn't see the action until after they all returned safely.  David assured me it looks steeper in the video and that it was a perfectly safe hill for him to send a 2 and 4 year old careening down alone on a sled.  

In the meantime, little brother's big day could be summed up pretty well in a picture: 

Snug and sleepy.  I'm not sure he was awake for more than an hour all day. I love baby days! We'll see how the night goes...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

the first days

We are in our first days together, Asher and me. He's learning to eat and sleep and cry and flail his arms.  I am learning to trust.

It hits me afresh with every birth.  The utter helplessness of motherhood.

There are moments when the weight of my charge here is all consuming.  Almost every aspect of his little life falls under my direction. I feed him and bathe him and change those diapers (with a good bit of help from David:).  And yet, it is in this season that I most sense how loose my grip on life truly is. In the face of such strong frailty, I remember that we are but dust.

Sometimes I hold my breath when I walk into the room where I laid him, just 10 minutes earlier.  I watch for his breath. And hold back the thoughts that are waiting to rush forward and seize a season of joy with fear. Fear of all that might happen. Fear of all that might be or might not be.  Fear of the inevitable pain bound up in a shadowland life. 

When God gives gifts this good, this rich, this profound, my heart struggles to trust. To remember the promise that came with the child - that my wise Father has already numbered Asher's days.  He's written every single one of them in His book.  The book that was written before time began.  The Psalmist wrote it as a comfort and a praise.  I read it in moments of fear with dread. I might not like the plan.   I read it in moments of trust with peace.  His ways are higher than my ways.  

These days are sweet. It is a fleeting season and I feel the lightness of it. 

Let not fear steal moments that were intended for joy.  These first days of our together, Asher, they were made for joy.