Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Miscellany

Here's a little miscellaneous information from our world these days:

1. You may remember this cake from Easter's past? I'm so happy to have Peeps in stock this year to continue the tradition:

2.  One of our goals for the boys is to expose them to as much of an "American" childhood as possible in six short months.  In keeping, they spent a night at the circus with David and Pop last week.  There were ridiculously expensive pony rides, glow sticks, tamed animals and acrobats.  Some things just never change.   

3. The boys are playing soccer.  Jude felt he could not return to South Asia without being on a "real" soccer team.  Silas, of course, felt the same - as soon as he heard Jude say the words. Jude opted to be goalie, we think, because his older cousin plays goalie.  Let's just say we're a loooong way from going competitive. 

Note that the ball is thrown into the goal:) 

4. Asher's favorite part of life these days is hanging out on the changing table.  It doesn't seem to have a lot to do with the diaper aspect, he just loves the bright lights in the bathroom and the mirror.  If he's fussy, and I put him on the changing table, he stops and stares.  It's the little things.  

5. On this last note, I will not give you a visual. Friends, I woke up Saturday morning to find fourteen zits on my face.  I had a wedding shower to attend.  And I went, feeling like a 13 year old.  I promptly pulled out the Oxy pads. By Sunday, the number had increased to twenty four.  Even at the height of adolescence, I cannot recall such an outbreak.  Obviously, we are dealing with some serious pregnancy hormones….and my husband can attest that the only symptom is hardly pimples:) 

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