Sunday, April 19, 2015

big & small

There's a lot going on around our little world - both big and small.  Here's a peek:

Hubs is in the depths of Texas.   Boots and hats are everywhere.  He's visiting a friend who works with us in South Asia.  His town has around 4,000.  Our apartment complex is estimated around 9,000. He's enjoying the big sky and open space. We miss that guy when he's gone. But we've been keeping busy.

The boys took a trip to the Barnum & Bailey Circus on Saturday with Pop & Grammar.  They came home with popcorn, souvenirs, and some serious acrobatics.

This afternoon, Jude took Grammar on a date to see Ballet Memphis perform Swan Lake at the Orpheum.  We're working on our gentlemanly manners, so he even made her a corsage.  Sweet Amelia sat in the row behind him and they politely made it all the way to intermission. Culture takes time to build:)

PopPop brought some Commissary BBQ and tamales up this evening to rescue me from cooking.  The cousins came over and we made a fantastic little picnic party of it all.  Have I mentioned that I love being near family.  I am so grateful God gave us this season.

In the midst of picnics, outings and the generally small, my grandmother was airlifted to the hospital. She's in the ICU awaiting surgery in the morning.  There is a blood clot at the base of her neck. It's blocking blood flow to her brain.  The surgery is serious and they aren't sure she'll wake up again.

Big, blaring, life altering events come crashing into our small moments. Life is like that - it's all mixed together.  That's the way it was meant to be lived. The small moments impact the big.

I've been giving thanks all weekend that I canceled those dinner plans in January and drove down to celebrate her 84th birthday.  That last year I started sending her postcards with pictures of the kids. That we actually made it down for Easter this year. My last memory of her is looking up at that old familiar porch as she held her great-grandson, watching the rest of us hunt eggs in her flower beds.

Small moments.

Moments that matter a great deal to me in the big. 

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Kelly Brasher said...

So glad you have been able to spend time with your Mamaw these last few months. God really is so faithful, isn't He... Praying hard for you all this morning.