Monday, April 27, 2015

five at thirty-five

I am officially thirty-five.  I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but I'm definitely a grown up. Here's a little bit from my world at 35:

1. My sweet mother-in-law hosted a little dinner party for me on Thursday night.  She cooked.  The adults talked.  Grammar, Pop, and NanNan took care of the wild little ones in the kitchen.  I think it might have been a little wilder than she originally bargained for, but we all had a great time! Such a sweet birthday at home.

2. My little sis made a pink "Sister" birthday cake. There's just nothing sweeter than some sister love!

3. The tulips bloomed! You may or may not recall from years past that my mother planted tulip bulbs at our farmhouse 35 years ago.  They have bloomed every year around my birthday - without fail. If you know anything about tulips, you'll understand that that's a pretty spectacular track record. I always feels it's a sort of benediction over my life when I see them spring up.

4. My boys birthdayed me on Friday morning with some delicious pancakes and a "treasure hunt" for my presents.  Are they gonna be great husbands one day or what? They're learning from the best!

5. I had a speaking engagement in Mississippi on Saturday.  So Asher and I loaded up the car Friday afternoon and headed to one of my favorite places on earth.  I love Clinton, Mississippi. I love it's brick streets and big trees and, most of all, the people that I always find there. Old friends get better with time.

Thirty-five couldn't feel better. (Except maybe if I could still run like I did at 25!)

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