Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Cats Return

I don't recall the boys pretending to be animals much at all in the US. We've been back less than a week though and they're asking for milk bowls on the floor and meowing in response to my questions.

Anyone have a theory on why my kids turn into cats in Asia? 


Katharine said...

very interesting - probably a healthy way to deal with stress or maybe they get so much attention for being cute caucasian boys that if they could only be cats maybe people would stop pinching ;)

In Definition said...

Love the analysis! They def get more attention here;)

Lee said...

ummmm what's wrong with my kids because the other day they pretended to be wolves and ate from little small dishes on the floor. is this not normal? i don't have any "traveling to foreign lands and places" reasons! haha! i just thought kids love pretending!