Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hua Hin

Little Asher is on the mend after a short virus. He has been the sweetest sick baby ever but I can't say I'm not feeling really relieved he's back to himself again!   We rode into the city today for some excitement. (Actually, I heard they might have baby food for less than $5 per jar...) We ate at Burger King...which is in fact a nice place to eat in Thailand. Do you believe me? I hunted down the baby food and a few packages of M&Ms to take back with us. And splurged on a jar of cream cheese which I fully intend to finish by the time we board our plane! Then we high tailed it back to our beach hotel, with no small amount of drama in the taxi. Tomorrow we will resume our custom of eating a pizza poolside for dinner. One night out is all I think we can handle! 

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Chelsea said...

There are 1,000 words in the taxi picture of you and your boys...I LOVE it. Enjoy that poolside pizza, that's hard to beat no matter what side of the world you live. Thankful for you sweet momma!