Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Link Up

I've been intending to link up to this little article for almost a month now! For obvious reasons, I found it particularly helpful in this season. It's been a distracted-with-good-things kind of day in my world. So what better opportunity to link over to one of my favorite friend-writers, right? 

If you haven't read Lee's article entitled Motherhood vs. Your Quiet Time over at Missional Motherhood, link over today.

Here's a great quote to get you started:

I stopped looking at quiet times as another chore, or something else on a check-list. The God we cling to is God our Father, not God our taskmaster. And the Bible is not static—it’s alive and active, breathed out by God. He will feed us, even when life is loud and messy. He will hear our prayers even as they are offered over a sink full of dishes. He will chisel away at us while He cradles us in promises. Jesus paid a torturous price so we could have intimacy with the Father on the same level that He has it. As believers, we have the kind of access to God that invites us to come in our pajamas, in our Sunday best, or right in the middle of all the Cheerios on the floor.  
Be with God wherever you are, right in the middle of your real life—even if tiny hands are reaching for your Bible and tugging on the edges while you read. Experience Him as a daughter, not as an employee. Jesus isn’t one more thing you have to accomplish today. He’s already on every page of your story.

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