Tuesday, August 4, 2015

5 Months of Asher

Sweet Asher Elijah has been in our world for 5 months now.  Time flies! Here's a little update, mainly for this momma's fading memory.  

Growth Stats : He has his two bottom teeth popping through.  His brothers just love to take a peek at those little pearly whites.  He weighs 17.2 lbs and is rolling over like a champ.  He mainly only scoots when he's fussing and doesn't seem to have much inclination toward learning to crawl.  Why move when the brothers come to you?

Favorite Playmates: Of course, his brothers are his absolute favorites. Jude can get a belly laugh out of him if he pulls out all the stops. Silas is still in the kissing phase…and does so with all the gusto a three year old can muster.  He loves just about anyone who will pay attention to him. He's not generally shy and doesn't mind being passed around the crowd. It's a good quality in our life:) He does have his moments though.  Recently, I went to do an art project with Silas's class and brought the little man along.  When I walked into the classroom, all the little faces turned with excitement toward Asher.  In a rare moment of shyness, he burst into tears and just would not recover.  After much negotiation, he conceded to watch the activity from the safety of his stroller.

Sleep: Don't give me advice. This is just for the record:)  I know, I know.  I could probably get more sleep if I worked on it.  Just seems easier not to:) He sleeps pretty well, but wakes up to eat 2-3x depending on the night. It takes works to get thighs like that.  He still naps somewhere between 3.5-5 hours during the day at various intervals. We're really feeling fine…I think years of sleep deprivation have worked us into better stamina.

Hobbies & Such : He's starting early on sports.  This kid loves to stand in his little walker on the porch and watch tennis matches.  Mortimer the Moose is his favorite toy and his bunny is his favorite thing to cuddle at nap time. A kind friend knit him a blanket. We like handmade! It's the only thing I use to cover him up at night.  

I cannot wait to see what this little personality will be like.  So far, he's as happy and laid back as they come…unless he's not:) 

We love you, Asher! 

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