Monday, August 10, 2015

Manners Monday

I'm trying out a new idea for the next few weeks. I hope it will dig into our routine for longer. We will see. Meet Manners Monday.

I'm finding that by the time I get dinner on the table these days the chaos has been so tangible (and the clamor of a baby who also wants his meal is so loud) that I barely even expect anyone to use silverware. Shovel it in, for all I care. We just need sustenance, however it can be found. 

But if I wait until it's not this chaotic, they might have already gone on their first date before realizing there are finer rules to etiquette than just putting a shirt on before you come to the table. Hence the institution of Manners Monday.

We're staying basic at this point. This is more of a reminder for me. 

Tonight when I mentioned giving thanks might include a compliment to the chef on the food, Silas piped up: 

"Mom, these peas are really green."

When we reviewed the rules, and hubs asked what #3 was, the response: "wrestle."  

We're definitely on the road to success. 

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PopPop said...

It does my heart good to see my daughter at least attempting to teach manners, your Mom will be sooo proud. Your boys are actually quite well mannered already in my opinion, but there is always more to learn.