Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Review

We hit the zoo this weekend. (For the record, these camels were actually just on the normal route.) We saw a man riding an elephant bare back through the actual zoo. Oh, the excitement. The zoo train is always a hit! Check out those smiles: 

The boys learned the word "selfie" from someone.  Agh.  And so it starts! They've been disappearing with my phone camera at random intervals to return with 100 or 200 pictures of themselves in varying states, i.e. dancing, smiling with Lightening McQueen, flying through the room, etc. Props for creativity. 

Jude and I went on a date yesterday afternoon to hear a famous local storyteller.  It was about 95 degrees, with hardly a breeze. Any storyteller that can capture that many children in such circumstances has some serious skill.  We loved it! One of his schoolmates issued the invitation and Jude was super excited to get together on a weekend with a friend from class. I love watching him fit in so naturally in this foreign land.

There's the weekend review.  And now….onward. 

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