Tuesday, September 8, 2015

les miserables

Just in case you don't know…..I'm pretty sure if David could have an alternate do-whatever-is-fun life, he'd be Jean Valjean on Broadway.

True to form, Jude and Silas are currently obsessed with "Do You Hear The People Sing." We listen to it on repeat the entire ride to school while they belt it out. Silas told me yesterday to stop singing since it was a war song for boys.  I told him that girls used to make bullets in the factories during the World Wars and no one could have fought without the girls helping. He'd better let me keep singing. (Is that bullet thing even true? I decided not to delve into the women's lib movement, female soldiers and equal rights at 8:30am. )  He's all about fighting to rescue princesses these days. Fight on, son.

Here's the Sunday afternoon car rendition. Don't you just love these guys?!

Because things are not agreeable," said Jean Valjean, "that is no reason for being unjust towards God. 

- Victor Hugo, Les Misérables


James and Kristie said...

James has gotten Rebekah obsessed with Les Mis as well! Although she hasn't seen the movie, he's gone through and explained every song for her from the musical. She is kinda' obsessed with Gavroche in "Look Down" & "Little People".

Crosby International said...

That is awesome!! Although I'd hold off on showing them the Anne Hathaway version anytime soon!

In Definition said...

haha. we watch the anniversary edition with the broadway singers…it's amazing!